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Steps to Watch Movies Streamed on the Vimeo Platform Using Your Smart TV or Roku's Vimeo App 

1.  Visit and log in to your account. If you have not set up a Vimeo ID/account, click join and set up your own account and password for free. This has to be done on a computer, tablet or phone. 

2. After you join Vimeo, you will receive an email from them to verify that the email address you gave belongs to you and not a robot. Verify the account. 

3. On your smart Android TV, using Google Play Store search for "Vimeo" app. When you find the app, click "install" to install it on your TV. You will be given a code to verify/activate your account and connect to your TV. 

4. While logged in to your Vimeo account on your desktop/tablet or phone, type on your browser and enter the code given to you on TV. Now your Vimeo account is connected to your TV.

5. Use the link to the movie by clicking (or copying to your browser) and enter the password you are given to start to play the movie on your computer or tablet. Again you must be logged in to your Vimeo account.

6. Click on the clock icon on the top right corner of the screen to choose “Watch later” or click the heart icon to "like" the video and add it to your favorites/likes.

7. Stop watching the movie on the computer. 

8. On your smart TV, go to Vimeo App.

9. Click “Library" from the left hand side of the App's menu, and select “Watch Later" and then click on the movie to watch it on your TV. If you also "liked" the movie, you may find it under your "Profile" section under "Likes."

Steps to set it up using a Roku device should be similar to above.  

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