In Search of Israeli Cuisine

Feedback / Evaluations

We value your feedback. We want to hear from you. 

Your feedback is just one of the ways that make our Film Festival become better each year. It may be an upcoming movie suggestion from you, or a request to re-screen an old favorite. It may be a friendly advice to fix an issue. We take your criticism (or praise) to heart and strive to do our best. 

Below are some kudos, and feedback from our festival-goers:

“Keep doing what you are doing.” ~ Cheryl F.

“Show Bag of Marbles and films like this to high-schools to combat anti-Semitism!” ~ Lee R.

“For your 25th year? Fiddler on The Roof” ~ Sandra A.

“Like anything we picked. This year (2019) had great selection.” ~ Sean A.

“More movies like Captain America and comedies…” ~ Andrei S.

“Please reshow Australian film Bride Flights!” ~ Michael M.

“So glad that the Festival is growing and part of our Contra Costa community!” ~ Jake M.

“Delighted that I can enjoy international films right here in my neighborhood. The quality of your film selection is outstanding!” ~ Steven G.

“Thank you for such interesting, important and even funny films. My friends and I are grateful for how smoothly everything went. Hats off to your committee.” ~ Fran T.

“Wonderful always to see great performances on screen,”  ~ Robin B.

“Excellent and informative documentaries,” ~ Eveline C.

“Today’s films were outstanding. They tugged at my heart.” ~ Stephanie G.

“Yours is the most organized Festival that I have attended. Keep up the good work.”  ~ Marianne K.