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Questions for "March 1968"

  • Early on in the movie we learn that Hania’s father has lost his job at a hospital and that the Polish-Israel Friendship Society will soon be dissolved. What caused this surge in antisemitism in 1967? A film critic has compared March 1968 to Romeo and Juliet.

  • What are the similarities? What are the differences?

  • What stereotypes about Jews was said by a guest at the New Year’s party of Janek’s parents?

  • Why was Hania’s father (Dr. Jerzy Bielski) more optimistic about a decrease in the government’s anti-Semitic policies than her mother? Which parent was thinking more clearly? Why did Dr. Bielski remain committed to living in Poland?

  • When asked to sign a petition advocating against the censorship of a play, Hania quickly signed but Janek was more reticent. Why was he not as enthusiastic as his girlfriend? What caused him to soon join in the student rebellion?

  • What is the incongruity behind the students using the term “Judas” against the workers who tried to interrupt their rally?  

  • Why do you think the Soviet Union supported the creation of a Jewish State in 1948 but then later turned against Zionism? 

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