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Questions for "Schächten"

  • This historical drama about the scars of war and the long road to revenge explores the lives of Austrian Jews in the years following World War II and the legacies of anti-Semitism and racism that follow them. Why do you think antisemitism continues to be expressed even after WWII?

  • Why did many countries in Europe not conduct trials on alleged Nazi war criminals or conducted relatively few

  • Why did some trials not result in convictions?

  • At the time of Adolf Eichmann’s capture, some Jews felt that:

    • Another country rather than Israel should conduct the trial 

    • Eichmann should not be executed but rather jailed and subsequently interviewed in order to learn more about his “pathology.” Discuss.

  • For you, what would be the best type of revenge if a family member(s) was in the Holocaust (arrested, deported, sent to a camp, murdered, etc.)?

  •  The word “schächten” is derived from the Hebrew word that means “to slaughter by bleeding out”—the term used for Kosher ritual slaughter. Do you think that this is an appropriate title for the film? Explain.

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