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Questions for "Only In Theaters" 

  • The title of this documentary is self-explanatory. However, can you think of another title that would be appropriate?

  • Since the start of Covid19, several theaters have closed in the Bay Area. Do you think the pandemic and the subsequent lock-down in 2020 was the main reason or were there other factors such as the increase in streaming platforms available (Hulu, Paramount+, etc.) that had a negative impact on the in-theatre Box Office? 

  • What type of film genres should be watched on the Big Screen rather than on one’s TV?

  • Do you prefer to watch a film with other people in a cinema or does it not matter to you? Explain.

  • Do you miss having an “arthouse” theater in our area?  Share “art” films that made a major impression on you over the years.  (From Wikipedia: An art film [or arthouse film] is typically an independent film, aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience.)

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