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Questions for "America"

  • In his film The Cakemaker, director/screenwriter Ofir Raul Graizer used food as a way to connect and add context to his characters. What does he use in America?

  • Eli (the swimming teacher), Yotam (his longtime friend) and Yotam’s fiancée Iris all experienced different childhoods. How did their upbringings impact their spirits and actions as adults? 

  • Iris shares that she has never warmed to Tel Aviv, with one reason being that the houses are painted white.  Why would she feel alienated because of that (beyond the fact that she is Ethiopian)?

  • As he notes in an interview, the director had a clear vision of the film’s color palette, with different colors representing the three main characters. Connect the colors listed below to Yotam, Iris and Eli (as you think the director thought about while writing the screenplay and working on the cinematography):

    • Green and Brown

    • Red, Orange and Yellow

    • Blue

  • One film critic writes that the attraction between Eli and Iris after Yotam’s accident is less about their love/passion for each other but rather because they share the “absence of Yotam.” Do you agree or disagree that they are drawn together because of this loss?

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